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Name:♥ Schizophrenic ♥
Birthdate:Nov 14
Location:Hobart, Australia
My name is Takato. I'm a 23 year old girl from Tasmania, Australia, gay and proud of it. I've been writing for ten years now, on and off, and am on the verge of writing my own book.

My longest-running fandoms are Sonic and One Piece. I've been a HUGE Sonic fan since the first game came out in 1991 and have played nearly all the games, though sadly not played Sonic Adventure 1 + 2 or Sonic and the Black Knight (which makes me sad in my pants), and I've collected all the Archie comics since 1994. One Piece I've been a fan of for about three years now, so it's not as huge as my Sonic fandom but I keep coming back to it even if I drift off towards others.

At the moment I'm taking a Business Administration Cert III course, so most fics will be on hold until I find time to continue them with, or until real life and writer's block stop hating me. Whichever comes first.
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